John Wick 3 Has Finished Filming And Will Be Released May 16th 2019

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That’s a wrap on John Wick 3, folks! Bring on 2019 (May 16 to be precise) and bring on Keanu Reeves shooting everybody in the world.

I love John Wick. Went to see the second one last year with my mate, having not seen the first, and loved it.

Admittedly, I slept through the first 20 minutes for reasons I still don’t know, but what followed upon regaining consciousness was action of the sort you seldom see on silver screen these days.

John Wick 3: Parabellum (naturally) is the third instalment in the trilogy featuring our eponymous lead, who as I said mostly just shoots people while out and about doing his business. That makes him sound like a baddie but believe me he’s anything but.

And today, thanks to a post on the ‘Gram courtesy of one Halle Berry, we can reveal production on the thriller is finished.

She wrote:

It’s a wrap…CHEERS! A huge thank you to all the beautiful people of Morocco! Thank you for opening your hearts to me and making me feel so at home. #JohnWick3 has been a truly memorable experience! I have so much respect for #KeanuReeves and this franchise, it’s been my honour to be apart of it!

No, cheers to you, Halle. And the whole team.

Keanu Reeves in John Wick

At the end of the last film (spoiler alert) John Wick had committed the cardinal sin by killing another assassin at The Continental Hotel, a neutral ground for assassins.

His actions led to him being disavowed by the guild and a huge bounty being placed on his head.

John Wick is on the run for two reasons – a hunt for a global $14 million dollar open contract on his life, and two, for taking a life on Continental Hotel grounds, a central rule. The victim was a member of the High Table who ordered the open contract.

The Continental’s manager, Winston, has given him a one-hour window to do what he pleases before he’s ‘Excommunicado’ aka banned for life from all services and cut off from other members.

John, crafty chancer he is, will use the service industry to stay alive while fighting and killing his way out of New York City.

Chad Stahelski, who helmed the first two films, will be back in the director’s chair and screenwriter, Derek Kolstad, will also be returning to pen the script.

The hyper-violent John Wick: Chapter 2 was a solid box office hit for film studio Lionsgate, raking in $92 million (over £80 million) in the US.

John WickSummit Entertainment

Anjelica Huston, Asia Kate Dillon, Mark Dacascos, and Jason Mantzoukas are starring in the film alongside Yayan Ruhian, Cecep Arif Rahman, and Tiger Hu Chen.

Ian McShane, Common, Laurence Fishburne, Lance Reddick, and Ruby Rose are expected to reprise their roles in the sequel.

However it all pans out, one thing’s for sure: Keanu Reeves is going to be in a suit, possibly in a foreign country, shooting baddies like it’s NBD much to our morally-absent viewing amusement, in scenes which are as close to a Matrix sequel as we’re probably going to get.

Oh, and the dog too. Let’s not forget the dog.

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