Jon Bernthal Reveals Kevin Spacey Abuse He Witnessed On Set

Jim and Sam Show

Jon Bernthal has opened up about Kevin Spacey’s dark behaviour on the set of Baby Driver.

Speaking on the Jim and Sam Show on Tuesday, the Walking Dead and Punisher star revealed how Spacey ‘rubbed him up the wrong way’ on the very first day of filming.

Bernthal, like many in the industry, completely idolised Spacey and his acting ability, but he almost immediately lost all respect for him when he they worked together for the first time.

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Bernthal said watching Spacey in The Iceman Cometh a few years earlier was a ‘unbelievably transformative experience.’

However, when he got the chance to work alongside his hero, the 41-year-old noticed Kevin Spacey constantly bullied and abused people on the set.

He explained: 

I didn’t really care for the way he was behaving toward some of the other people on set.

I think he was acting towards people in a way that I remember at the time thinking, man if that was a woman he was talking to, I would have done something and I would have said something.

I was really happy to get out of there.

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Bernthal was then asked whether Spacey was behaving ‘sexually or aggressively’ towards men, and replied it was a ‘combination of both.’

He continued:

I just remember losing a ton of respect for him.

Nowhere did I see anything like some of the allegations that have come up against him and it would be weak of me to pile on about some shit that I don’t know about, but the kind of man he was when I saw him, working with him, made me lose all respect for him and I was enormously disappointed.

You can watch the full interview below: 

Following teenage actor Anthony Rapp’s allegations of sexual abuse against the actorNetflix announced it will no longer work with Spacey in any capacity.