Jon Stewart Had A Glorious Goodbye For Fox News In His Final Week On The Daily Show


It’s Jon Stewart’s final week in the Daily Show hotseat but his fans will be pleased to know that he isn’t taking it easy as he prepares for retirement.

Indeed, the host of 16 years will be laying into his oldest enemies with as much vigour as he ever has!

Stewart kicked off the first show of his final week last night and took aim at one of his favourite targets, Fox News.

Stewart explained how, over the weekend, he returned home to find his children tuned in to America’s “most trusted news channel”, and saw that host Howard Kurtz and guest David Zurawik were calling him an Obama “propagandist”.

Naturally, Stewart wasn’t about to let that one lie!

He said:

One thing I saw in that report there is they didn’t seem to support their assertions with, um, er…. evidence! If you’d like to nail me as a propagandist, you could’ve just shown a clip of me shamelessly pimping some signature policy like Obamacare.

The Daily Show host then proceeded to show a clip of him criticising Obama’s flagship healthcare policy, before showing scores of Fox’s own clips of times they reported that Stewart was “hammering” the U.S. president.

The majority of the segment, however, is dedicated to Stewart completely skewering Fox News’ own partiality, bias and hypocrisy, before bidding Fox News a glorious farewell, shouting “Adios, motherf*ckers!”

We’re really going to miss this guy!