Jon Venables Demands Taxpayers Pay For Plastic Surgery

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Murderer of James Bulger, Jon Venables, is begging for plastic surgery at the expense of the taxpayer after photos of him were allegedly leaked online.

The 35-year-old killer fears he’ll be attacked or killed when he’s let out of jail if he doesn’t have an operation to change his face.

According to a prison insider, Venables, who abducted, tortured and killed toddler James in 1993, has demanded the surgery to let him hide from potential attackers.

The insider told the Daily Star:

He says he's a dead man walking and is terrified once people discover who he is, he'll be killed.

Venables knows there are plenty of people who are willing to do a life sentence to have him dead.

Being in jail is no protection either. He says he's just as at risk on the inside as he is in the outside world.

He thinks his only chance of ever leading a normal life is to have plastic surgery.

Venables said he doesn’t care what or who he looks like or what it costs. He says it’s a necessity to stay alive and his right.

Venables along with accomplice, Robert Thompson, were both aged 10 when they abducted, tortured and killed two-year-old James Bulger in Liverpool, 1993.

They were released after serving eight years and were given new identities, with their anonymity being funded by the taxpayer.

A court order banned the publication of pictures of Venables or Thompson by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Last month, Venables was jailed for downloading 1,170 child abuse images, with some featuring babies, as well as a manual detailing how to rape young children.

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The source continued:

Venables has been told he needs to stop acting as though he's a victim otherwise other cons will get suspicious.

They’ve told him he needs to socialise and be part of the prison community.

Cons will just about accept anyone but not paedos and child killers. If they get a whiff of who he is, then he’s finished.

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Venables, who is currently serving a 40-month prison sentence, had his name reportedly 'leaked' by a group of prisoners who got hold of recent photos of him, as well as details of which jail he's being held in along with his new name.

According to the Mirror, inmates want to leak the photos and information in order to ‘expose’ the child killer, labelling him ‘a dirty nonce’.

Due to the leak, the criminal has been moved to a segregated prison unit and is on suicide watch.

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It's currently believed Venables has been given a total of up to four new identities, with each one costing £250,000.

Overall, it's alleged he's cost the justice system £5 million.