Jonah Hill’s Sister Stopped Talking To Him For A Week After He Left ‘Important Meeting’

Jonah Hill and sister fell out over Kanye West.Getty

No matter how old you get, sibling disagreements are an inevitable part of life; with the wrong tone of voice enough to lead to an evening-long sulk.

Nobody knows how to annoy you quite like the person you once shared bunk beds and 13-hour car trips to Cornwall with – and this applies to Hollywood celebs too.

Jonah Hill was in for a serious scolding from his little sister Beanie Feldstein after skipping a very important meeting to attend a listening party for Kanye West’s Ye album.

Now, the 34-year-old War Dogs star is a huge Kanye fan and so leapt at the glam, last minute opportunity, but Beanie just wasn’t so sure…

Speaking about his glittering invite on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jonah said:

How I’d be invited I don’t know,

How did I get invited was I wrote and directed my first movie, called Mid-90s, it comes out this year… and the producer is this legendary producer Scott Rudin.

Jonah Hill speaks with Jimmy KimmelBuena Vista Television

Jonah was scheduled for a 7am meeting with Rudin to discuss his big leap into the director’s chair. However, after receiving an invite for the Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based party, he decided to rearrange his diary somewhat.

Kanye generously offered to have the comic actor flown over, putting him up in a super luxurious hotel.

The offer was just way too tempting for Jonah and so – with Rudin’s blessing – Jonah and co-producer, Eli Bush rushed straight from the meeting and climbed aboard a private jet bound for Wyoming.

Find out more about the star-studded listening party below:

Speaking with enthusiasm about the exciting trip, Jonah said:

It was really an epic, legendary thing.

And we get to this hotel and it’s the nicest hotel you’ve ever seen, but it’s mad couples on their honeymoons.

So it’s couples on their honeymoons and Tity Boi and Charlamagne. It was the craziest sh*t. I ate buffalo.

However, Jonah didn’t take into account how his music hero had just caused a great deal of offence after his controversial support of President Donald Trump.

Jonah explained:

I didn’t realize it was controversial to go support Kanye at that time.

Like my sister didn’t speak to me for a week because he had worn a MAGA hat and sh*t.

Jonah came to the defence of Kanye, describing the rapper’s outspoken endorsement of Trump as ‘a bad Andy Kauffman swing and a miss’.

The Superbad actor – who has described himself being ‘obsessed’ with Kanye – stressed:

I don’t bail on people right away. People f*ck up and do stupid stuff.

You shouldn’t bail on everybody right away.

He added:

Dude, this guy has given me so much. He’s my guy… I will always be a fan and the album was amazing and it was a beautiful experience, and he seemed happy, you know?

However, Jonah was quick to admit he would have praised the album to Kanye’s face even if he hadn’t enjoyed it.

Hopefully Jonah and Beanie have patched things up!

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