Judge Lets Dog Loose In Courtroom To Identify His Real Owner

Paramount Domestic Television

How do you solve the precarious case of who owns a pet? If you’re stuck for a solution you follow the example of America’s most famous TV judge, Judy Sheindlin.

The celebrity courtroom of Judge Judy might seem like a mockery of the U.S. justice system, but you have to hand it to her, she’s an expert at settling petty disputes.

Judge Judy channelled her inner King Solomon this week when a dispute erupted over the ownership of a dog. However instead of proposing to cut the pooch in half, she decided to let the dog choose who to run to. A huge step for animal rights.

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The episode in question concerned an ’emotional custody battle’ over a dog that was bought on a street outside a shopping centre. In the case, a man filed a suit over the woman who purchased it, claiming that he was the rightful owner.

After hearing both sides, which included tears and desperate pleas, Judge Judy felt the only way to settle the dispute was to let the dog decide for itself.

August has been an interesting month in the American legal system, if you ignore the fact this episode was probably shot months ago, with a courtroom artist doing an awful sketch of Taylor Swift during her recent legal battle.

Paramount Domestic Television

After much anticipation and tension, the loyal dog eventually went to his original owner, leaving the defendant heartbroken.

They say justice is blind. In this case, it’s got a great sense of smell.