Judge Tells Young Offender ‘You Would Probably Be Raped Every Day’ In Jail

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2015 18:52

One first-time offender in the U.S. got a lot more than he bargained for when he was in court charged with burglary…


Isaiah Gay, 20, from New Mexico, was being sentenced on Tuesday for burglary charges and was given an incredibly harsh wake-up call by Bernarillo County District Court Judge Christina Argyres.

Facebook/Isaiah Gay

When asked by the judge what he thought would happen to him in jail, he just assumed a light-hearted beating would be the extent of his problems, but going from the court transcripts she thought it would be a hell of a lot worse.

The judge told Gay: “You would probably be raped everyday, number one. You would be beat up every other day.”


She went on to tell him he would be someone’s ‘bitch’ in prison, and explained that Gay’s prison experience for breaking into people’s homes would be a fit punishment. Ouch, I don’t know about that!

Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

Judge Christina Argyres said:

The issue with residential burglary, again, it’s almost like a rape, because it is such an invasion and such an intrusion on somebody’s life and their property.

After saying she didn’t want to ‘destroy Mr Gay’s life’, she sentenced him to five years of probation instead and said he should pay back the cash for all the items he had stolen.

However, she went on to warn the guy that if he did ‘something stupid’ like this again, he would be heading straight to prison.

Yeesh. Lucky escape.

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