Just Cause 3 Now Has Multiplayer, Here’s How To Get It


You’ve gotta love modders. They really are men (and women) of the people, doing the kind of work done to videogames that we all want to see done, like adding multiplayer to Just Cause 3. 

Introducing multiplayer support to a large open world action game such as Just Cause 3 can’t have been easy, either, but JC3:MP allows for hundreds of players to join together on a single server to play competitively or cooperatively,

It sounds seriously fucking cool; you can explore together, destroy together, race, have deathmatches, and generally just fuck around – it makes you wonder why multiplayer was never a feature from the start.

Work on the mod isn’t quite finished yet, though an FAQ insists that a fully completed version will eventually make its way over to Steam.

Obviously the mod only works on PC, so if you’re interested, download the mod and run the new launcher – it’s pretty easy, and the system requirements are identical to the base game, so you’ll only need a copy of Just Cause 3 on Steam to play.

Back in 2014, the team behind the fantastic Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod announced a follow-up for Just Cause 3, but it was sadly canned last Summer when lead developer Cameron Foote announced he had been hired by series developer Avalanche Studios.

Still, from that project’s ashes, the entirely unrelated JC3:MP has risen. Take a look a beta trailer just below.

Fingers crossed Avalanche Studios don’t hire the devs behind this one and put an end to our Just Cause 3 multiplayer – again.