JustGiving Suspends Hundreds Of Pages Over Manchester Attacks Scam


JustGiving have quarantined over 200 accounts set up in the wake of the Manchester terror attack, during which 22 people lost their lives and 102 others were injured.

Greater Manchester Police and the Charity Commission have warned the public against a ‘small minority’ of scammers who are exploiting the generosity and goodwill of donors ‘for selfish purposes’.

JustGiving yesterday announced they were investigating over 200 suspicious accounts and had ‘quarantined’ – or suspended – them to prevent funds being released while the online charitable platform ensures money raised goes to the right people.


In the aftermath of the attack, Brits rallied together to raise millions for the victims’ families in a charitable movement set up by Manchester Evening News.

David Holdsworth, Registrar of Charities for England & Wales and Chief Operating Officer at the Charity Commission said:

The British public are incredibly generous, especially in response to supporting those at times of suffering and need.

Sadly, during such periods of especially generous giving, there are a small minority of those who seek to exploit that goodwill for fraudulent, selfish purposes.

That is why we are encouraging people who wish to donate to give to the We love Manchester fund, launched by the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charitable Appeal Trust, to ensure that these funds reach those affected by the appalling attack in Manchester.

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GMP have directed well-wishers to the official fundraising page set up by Manchester Evening News, which has raised more than £1.2 million for the victims’ families.

This devastating selfishness in the face of such a tragedy comes days after trolls online created fake missing persons reports, detracting from the search operations being conducted regarding true victims.

It is such a shame that the small minority can jeopardise the goodwill of the many.