Justin Bieber Punches Fan In The Face


Justin Bieber, no stranger to reckless behaviour, has had his fair share of run-ins with the law – but this one may top the list.

While Justin was on his way to perform a show in Barcelona on Tuesday night, one fan got a little too excited and stuck his hand in Bieber’s car, only for Biebs to cold cock the fan right in the face, leaving him with a bloody lip, reports TMZ.

No one likes an invasion of privacy, but violence isn’t always the answer.


As Bieber’s car drives away, the man can be seen touching his mouth before turning to face the camera and showing his bloodied lip.

While it’s difficult to side with this particular perpetually arrogant pop star, it’s hard to deny that being famous must be damn hard sometimes.

Besides having a shit ton of money, fans and perks, you also have people grabbing at you consistently which, let’s be honest, sounds kind of terrifying.


Bieber has yet to issue an apology for clocking the guy in the head, but with his long-time bad boy in-the-making reputation, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw one of his classic behaviour apology videos before too long…

In the meantime, the child star and sub-culture sponge will be making his way to Portugal for his next Purpose tour concert.

If you’re in the area and don’t want to get punched, stay at least three feet away.