Justin Bieber Responds To Video Of Him Pushing Fellow Musician During Performance

bieber instaJustin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber is no stranger to bad press and looking like a bit of a dick, but the last few days have been crazy, even by his lofty standards.

On Thursday, it was reported that the divisive Canadian popstar is being sued to the tune of $100,000 (£70,000) for his behaviour at a club in Houston, Texas in which he reportedly caused a bunch of trouble before smashing up the camera phone of a fellow nightclub goer.

Then, last night, a video emerged of Biebs shoving rapper Desiigner while the Kanye West protégé was mid-performance at New York club 1Oak.


The footage shows Bieber, sat in the VIP area, giving the 19-year-old rapper a hefty two handed shove in the back as Desiigner came close to literally stepping on his toes.

Although there were rumours that Justin was booted out of the club for his behaviour, TMZ reports that those claims are false and, in fact, despite Justin’s reputation he was not pushing the rapper maliciously, but trying to protect his feet.

Sources also told TMZ that the rapper actually quickly apologised to Bieber and his team, saying ‘My bad.’

Even so, yet more bad publicity for the 22-year-old can’t have been too welcome, and he seemed pretty pissed off by the whole thing in the above Twitter post.

He’s just misunderstood, guys. He loves people. Totally. That’s why he stubs cigarettes out on people’s arms, right?

Alternatively, to be on the safe side Justin, you could just stop acting like a bit of a douche all the time? It’s never too late to say sorry…