Justin Bieber Vows To Punch Himself In The Face Repeatedly If You Don’t Like His New Song

by : UNILAD on : 20 Oct 2015 17:30

Justin Bieber haters everywhere rejoice! The irritating popstar has actually confirmed he will punch himself right in his stupid face if people don’t enjoy his new song.


We’re not kidding – the 21-year-old popstar has genuinely made the vow on his Instagram page and claims he will inflict said violence on himself if fans don’t like his new single ‘Sorry’. You’ve got to admire his confidence, I suppose!

In an Instagram page, and accompanied by the caption “Lol”, Bieber wrote:

If you don’t like sorry I will punch myself in the face repeatedly.


“Lol”? Does he think this whole thing is some kind of joke? Don’t toy with our emotions, Justin. Either smack yourself in the mouth or don’t, mate.

Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to see this Bieber on Bieber violence go down, his devoted fans tend to love everything he does so it seems unlikely that there’ll be a sizeable enough backlash against his latest track to make this epic event happen.

Plus, all his songs are irritatingly catchy anyway, so we just don’t know what to expect!

We’ll see on Friday whether Bieber makes good on his promise. And, if he does, he’d better film the whole thing.

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