Justin Bieber’s Ex Has Topless Party, Immediately Regrets It


In my element? @ambalamavilla

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Sahara Ray has demonstrated her artistic ability for her millions of Instagram followers in a recent explicit Instagram story.

The 23-year-old Australian model and wild maverick won’t play by any art rules and she made her wannabee anarchic stance clear during a topless video when she used her body as a canvas.

Keeping up her constant social media presence, Sahara posted an Instagram video from a house party populated by a group of her friends.


Sasha – flanked by two more Instagram models, Eva Kandra and Maddy Relph – was not content with a film and some popcorn and instead took to the luxury Balinese pad for a house party with a difference.

3 little monkeys dancing around like usual ??

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The trio were holidaying together and promoting Ray’s swimwear line, which as the daughter of Tony Ray, she was presumably able to found thanks to nepotism and burgeoning social media fame.

Rather than painting the town red, they decided to get creative, strip down to their pants and paint their chests and torsos in artistic attempts that would be more at home in a nursery.

Running out of space on their actual skin, the group’s efforts spilled over onto canvases, and Sahara captured the scene as they all sang along to Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark.


Ray captioned the now-deleted video:

Painting death and stuff like that: one gypsy, one moon-angel and one sparkle fairy.

It’s not exactly Picasso’s Guernica but I guess it’ll serve to get Ray some more attention and it does look like the artistic trio are having a lot of funWhatever floats your boat and fills your paint pot, I guess.

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The model hit the headlines last year when she holidayed with tween popstar turned wannabee badass, Justin Bieber, at a £10,000 a night Hawaiian retreat.

Photographs of the pair skinny dipping flooded gossip pages; rendering Sahara’s latest act of explicit attention-seeking literally nothing we haven’t already seen.