Kanye West Collaborator, DJ Evian Christ, Detained At Leeds Festival for ‘Gatecrashing’


DJ Evian Christ, who has worked with Kanye West, has claimed that he has cancelled his appearance at Reading Festival, after being detained at Leeds Festival.

According to the DJ, he was detained by security, who thought he was ‘gatecrashing’ the VIP area, after his set on Friday.

Christ worked with Kanye West on his Yeezus track, ‘I’m In It’, and performed on BBC Radio One Dance Stage before security wrongly detained him.

He added:

Really though, actually got put in a cage at a festival headlined by Mumford and Sons because the festival staff didn’t believe I was a DJ and thought I was ‘trying to break into the festival’ after my set.

Obviously#FreeEvian started doing the rounds on Twitter, because why wouldn’t it.

The DJ is still scheduled to play at Reading on Sunday evening – if he turns up of course.