Kanye West Had Another Embarrassing Moment At Coachella

by : UNILAD on : 16 Apr 2016 14:25

What is it with Kanye West and festival appearances?


As if having his Glastonbury set crashed by comedian Lee Nelson wasn’t bad enough, he’s also had a history of technical difficulites during performances – remember when he dropped the mic and walked off stage during his Pan Am Games set?

Well, now Yeezy can add another embarrassing on stage moment to his résumé.

When Kanye made a surprise appearance at Coachella Music Festival on Friday during A$AP Rocky’s set, fans were understandably thrilled. That is, until Kanye’s microphone reportedly cut out after he’d rapped just ten words…



And poor Kanye just kept on rapping like a trooper, completely unaware of the equipment malfunction. Awkward…

However, according to the Daily Mail, the mic cut off wasn’t due to technical difficulties, but done on purpose because A$AP Rocky had overrun on his allotted time, after coming on stage 12 minutes late, something the rapper blamed on high winds in the Colorado Desert.

The crowd were pretty pissed off that Kanye and Rocky had to leave the stage after just 1 minute and 42 seconds of performing together, and cutting short a surprise appearance of the ‘greatest rockstar on the planet’ does seem like a bit of a strange decision from the organisers – strict licensing rules or not.

A$AP Rocky plays Coachella again next Friday (April 22) so maybe the bosses can remedy this monumental fuck up then, if Kanye fancies making another appearance?

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  1. Daily Mail

    Kanye West makes surprise appearance during Asap Rocky's set... but Coachella bosses cut sound after less than two minutes as they go overtime