Kanye West Has 2% Support Among Black Voters, Poll Finds

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Aug 2020 11:15
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Kanye West has insisted he’s in it to win it when it comes to the presidential race, but a new poll has found he has just 2% of support among Black voters. 

After announcing his bid for president in July, Kanye was accused of running a spoiler campaign to siphon votes away from Joe Biden and help Donald Trump achieve a second term.


The rapper has repeatedly said he’s serious about the campaign, telling Forbes he’s ‘walking’ rather than running ‘to win’, but he has notably refused to deny that he’s running a spoiler campaign.

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However, even if the accusations of him siphoning votes turn out to be true, it seems Biden’s democratic party don’t have much to worry about at the moment, as fewer people showed support for Kanye than those who had ‘no opinion’ whatsoever.

In a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, West garnered 2% support overall among registered voters, seven points behind the ‘no opinion’ option. Biden achieved 49%, while Trump earned 40%.


When it came to Black voters, again just 2% showed their support for West.

The lack of confidence in the rapper means his run for president has little effect on the race as a whole, with Biden’s nine-point national lead over Trump standing firm with or without Kanye on the ballot.

Ron Christie, a Black Republican strategist and former aide to Dick Cheney, commented:


I think a lot of people of colour view Kanye’s bid for the presidency as a quixotic one, and they don’t see him as being legitimate for the office. It’s more of yet another Kanye publicity stunt.

Democrats traditionally get 90+% of the Black vote. I think a lot of people are going to look at Kanye and just say, ‘I don’t think so.’

A number of Democratic strategists have argued that there shouldn’t be an expectation for Black voters to support Kanye, because he frequently takes a Republican view on issues like abortion and the legacy of slavery.

Black people are said to be the most loyal to Democrats, and as Kanye’s most notable political appearances of the past three years have been in tandem with Trump, whose disapproval rating sits at 79% with Black voters, it’s unlikely he’ll win over Black Democrats.


Derrick Clay, an Ohio-based strategist and chair of the state’s Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, commented:

The bottom line is that Kanye West is an entertainer. That’s not to say that he can’t participate in electoral politics, but his candidacy is more a distraction.

I think that strategy is going to backfire on [Republicans].

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Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesman, said the campaign has ‘no knowledge of anything Kanye West is doing or who is doing it for him’, but added that ‘a vote for Kanye West is a vote for Donald Trump’.


West missed the deadline to file as a third party candidate in 10 states, but he has said he will rely on write-in ballots to make him competitive in states where his name is not on the ballot.

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