Kanye West Is Dead According To This Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

by : Tom Percival on : 08 Dec 2016 18:14
Clonye West and his Reptilian paymaster - PA Images

We know 2016’s been a bit of an odd year, what with all the celebrity deaths, surprising political movements and a Deadpool movie that’s actually good but this new ‘theory’ may take the highly coveted ‘Weirdest Theory of 2016 award’. 

Basically some bonkers people on Twitter believe the self-professed greatest living rock star, Kanye West, has died and been resurrected as a propaganda spewing zombie-clone for the Trump administration by The Illuminati.


Now while this is clearly absurd as cloning isn’t real (can’t wait for that Illuminati cheque to arrive), concerned fans do have some evidence to back up their slightly paranoid theories, Uproxx reports.

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The thrust of their idea is that Kanye’s been acting a bit odd this year. Praising Trump, denouncing former friends Beyonce and Jay-Z and also dying his hair blonde.

Of course we should remind fans that Kanye did suffer from a nervous breakdown this year and was even hospitalised due to the severity of his illness. Not that we’re suggesting you have to be mentally ill to support Trump just that it explains his erratic behaviour without involving clones.


But of course as an informed sheeple and member of the media who our Illuminati masters pay to keep the proletariat docile I would say that wouldn’t I.

Thankfully some of Twitter’s top minds though are here to free the rabble from the Matrix and reveal the Illuminati plot!



While the secret cabal of businesses, media moguls and crocodile people from the planets core are no doubt furious that people saw through their Kanye clone they should probably have kept his hair black.


That or this Clonye West nonsense is bullshit…

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