Kanye West Just Said The Last Thing Anyone Expected Him To

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Kanye West has apologised for being confusing on his social media rants lately, and he’s done it in the only way he knows how – through a rant on social media.

West said he was sorry for causing any confusion over the past three weeks on Twitter, which was quickly followed by more confusion.

If you’re not familiar with what’s been going on with Kanye over the past few weeks, here’s a quick run down – he’s taken aim at former girlfriends, the Grammys, DJs and Pink Floyd’s music producer, proclaimed he’ll never make a CD again, declared Will Ferrell a ‘blessing’ to human existence, and revealed he’s $53 million (about £37 million) in ‘personal debt’.

The 38-year-old acknowledged there’s been ‘a lot of confusion in the past three weeks’, but in a ‘media world’, you never hear the truth.

The tweets were part of what he dubbed ‘Twitter poetry’ and his ‘stream of live consciousness’ included elaborating on his trip to IKEA in Sweden and how he couldn’t wait to get home to his family – and likening that moment to a return from battle. Battle against what, you ask? Against time, apparently.

His posting spree kind of counteracted his apology though – at the end of it I was more confused than I was at the start. But good effort anyway, Kanye…