Kanye West Storms Off Stage In Canada After 13 Minutes

Canadian Press

In perhaps the greatest mic drop of all time, Kanye West threw down his microphone and stormed off the stage after just 13 minutes of his performance in Canada.

Video footage shows the moment the rapper became frustrated with sound difficulties during his set at the Pan Am Games closing ceremony in Toronto and left the stage early.

Kanye’s latest bizarre moment left the 40,000 strong audience completely confused.

West was the final artist in a two-hour ceremony to mark the end of the Pan Am Games, a sporting event in which Canada’s athletes had won a record 217 medals.

He was one of several acts to appear. The crowd had already seen performances from Pitbull and Serena Ryder.

And Kanye seemed to be having a whale of a time during his set, jumping around the stage and calling for the crowd to clap along, but it all quickly went downhill when his mic failed.

At least there were fireworks for the crowd to enjoy after the music had abruptly finished, although whether they were anywhere near as cool as Kanye’s casual strut away from the stage is pretty doubtful…