Kanye West Wants To Hire Killer Birds For Protection


Kanye West has a pretty outrageous plan to protect his family, and it involves drone killing eagles.

The man who compares himself to Jesus, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney is said to be in talks with Dutch police about purchasing some lethal birds so that they can take down drones flying over the family’s home, Channel24 reports.

Alrighty then.


Speaking to the National Enquirer, a source close to the family said:

Kanye’s thrilled Kim with his stunning new plan – he’s opened negotiations with Dutch police to buy or lease raging killer eagles trained to rip flying drones right out of the sky.

The source added that Kim K thought the idea was for the birds, pun intended, until she saw footage of razor-beaked and iron-clawed predators smashing down drones in flight.

Fans thought they may need to up their security earlier this month, after ‘I heart Kim’ and ‘I heart Kanye’ was mysteriously spray-painted onto their home. But it turns out the vandalism had actually come from the couple, who decided to have a little ‘fun’ while their home was being renovated.

Just when you thought Kanye had reached peak Kanye, he does this.