Kanye’s Phone Password Revealed In Footage Of Him At White House


What is Kanye West’s password? Video has emerged showing just that.

Guess it’s game over for him now, really.

Now the entire world knows the codes to Ye’s heart.

Do I have to tell you what it is? It’s pretty obvious.

I mean, he’s obviously changed it since. Celebrities probably change it every other minute. I know I would.

But still, it’s way too basic for someone in the public eye.

Have a look here:

Discussing why he wears a MAGA hat, which was caused him grief no end, he said, as per Pitchfork:

This hat, it gives me power in a way. My dad and my mom separated, so I didn’t have a lot of male energy in my home. And, also, I’m married to a family that, you know, not a lot of male energy going on. It’s beautiful, though! I love Hillary. I love everyone. But the campaign “I’m With Her” just didn’t make me feel—as a guy that didn’t get to see my dad all the time, a guy that could play catch with his son—it was something about when I put this hat on it made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman.

He added:

I did say “abolish” with the hat because, why would you keep something around that’s a trapdoor? If you’re building a floor, the Constitution is the base of our industry—of our country, of our company—would you build a trapdoor that if you mess up and you accidentally something happens and you fall and end up next to the Unabomber, you gotta remove all that trapdoor out of the relationship.

You wanna know mine? Well, I’m not gonna tell you. That’s life!

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