Kate And Gerry McCann Face New Misery In Search For Maddie


A new ‘tell-all’ book looks set to bring further heartache for the family of missing child Madeleine McCann.

Former suspect Sergey Malinka is set to ‘reveal all’ in a volatile new book, which criticises what he believes to be a ‘flawed’ investigation.

The 32-year-old Russian computer expert was questioned by Portuguese police back in 2007, after Maddie’s suspected abduction in Praia da Luz. He faced interrogation yet again in 2014, however on this occasion it was British police who were asking the questions.

Malinka was cleared of any involvement in the high profile disappearance of the three-year-old. He has claimed he was driven to the ‘edge of despair’ by the inquiry.

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Malinka claims he was pressured by officers into giving false statements, and has lost friends and jobs as a result of his ordeal.

Speaking with the Sunday Express, Malinka has put forward his desire to set the record straight:

I have been driven to the point of dejection, being involved in a web of lies, betrayals and threats. The deceits of others have driven me to the edge of despair, sometimes to the point of no return, but time heals even the deepest wounds.

Now I am trying to rebuild my life from the wreckage left by this event. Ten years later I am about to become a father for the first time. My family is my life. I will no longer allow the lies of others to poison our future.

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Malinka has written the book – entitled Collateral Damage – with the assistance of Fireman Sam co-creator David S. Jones.

Jones has made the following comment on the book – which will be published during 2018 – to the Sunday Express:

He came to me and asked if I would work with him, co-author a book he wants to write to let people know the truth about what happened.

He wants his child to grow up not being named and blamed as the child of the Russian guy who was involved in the McCann saga.


However, this controversial book has already provoked outrage among some people, and the news of its release is expected to cause great upset for the McCann family.

A source close to the McCanns told The Sun:

Sergey was made an arguido, an official suspect, as others were but after being questioned and having his home searched and computers seized police were satisfied he had no involvement whatsoever and he was released.

So why is he now writing a book and trying to heap more misery on Kate and Gerry especially at Christmas time? It beggars belief and causes more distress for Madeleine’s parents.

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Clarence Mitchell – a spokesperson for the family – has also offered the following warning:

Beware! If any defamatory claims are made Kate and Gerry’s lawyers will be assessing them, as they do with any book which has any potential defamation against their clients.

Other than that they have no reason to respond.

The investigation into the 2007 disappearance of Madeleine is still ongoing. Kate and Gerry McCann have never given up hope of their daughter being found alive.