Katie Hopkins Fails With New Show As Viewers Give It A Miss


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Katie Hopkins has seen her new talk show flop after only 68,000 people tuned in for the first episode.

If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World debuted on TLC, the same channel that had massive success with her former documentary, that saw the TV personality pile on weight to then lose it, with 257,000 viewers watching that.

Given the woman is a professional troll at times, it doesn’t really come as a shock to see people opting to watch other shows, and the concept of her actually ruling the world is enough to make you shudder, but not quite compelling enough to actually get people sat down on their couch watching.

The show boasts a panel of ‘celebs’ like Gemma Collins and Liz Jones, and was panned on Twitter after the first show, where Hopkins was everything you would expect and more.

Hopkins actually came across like a pretty ok person in her My Fat Story documentary at times, so perhaps if she started being a little nicer and a little less of a bitch, people might decide to give it a go.