Katie Hopkins Just Massively Embarrassed Herself Live On Air



Somethings in life are just a simple boost of happiness. A cool pillow. The laughter of a child. A mid-summer morning. Katie Hopkins fucking up big time live on the radio. 

Yes, the mass thief of oxygen, Katie Hopkins, did indeed fuck up big time on the radio on Saturday during her LBC show when she fell for a hoax story about the M25 closing and repeated it to LBC’s five million viewers, reports the Mirror.

The perpetual cunt, who makes a decent living by saying things that annoy people, not only fell for the story, but fell for the story – which was written back in April by satirical news site the Southend News Network.

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Speaking to her audience, whomever they may be, she said:

The M25 motorway is due to close for one whole week in August as the Department of Health and sports officials are organising a fitness event which is being billed as the ultimate endurance race.

So that’s to close the M25 motorway for one whole week in August and that will take place the 1st to the 8th of August 2016.

Teams of four people are invited to walk, jog or run to complete the 117 miles that make up the second longest orbital motorway in the world.

Well I’m up for that if only to go and mock people that are causing such chaos and havoc. I wonder if that’s going to go down very well, shutting the M25 motorway.

She spoke about the clearly fictional event after complaining about road closures in London.

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Personally I can’t wait for next weeks show. Maybe she’ll tell us about how the moon is made from cheese or about a traffic jam on Tralfamador.

A book at bedtime with Katie Hopkins – now there’s a nightmare for you.