Katie Hopkins Proves Once Again How Awful She Is After Nice Attack Comments


Delightful xenophobe and waste of oxygen Katie Hopkins has just unleashed her most vile, racist rant to date – which for her is really saying something.

The Daily Mail‘s rent-a-gob was back at it again after 84 people were killed in a terror attack in Nice.


On Thursday night, a truck plowed into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day. The lorry managed to drive for more than a mile before police shot the driver dead.

When Hopkins found out that the suspect in the attacks was identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel – a French citizen born in Tunisia – she decided to go all in.

Are you actually serious? Intolerant of an entire religion? Her assumption that Daesh represents Muslims in any way, shape or form is actually unbelievably ignorant.

The so-called Islamic State’s fractured, despicable and completely fucked up interpretation of the religion is nothing like what billions of Muslims around the world practice.


It’s like me saying that the Westboro Baptish Church and the KKK are representative of all Christians – it’s a ridiculous comparison.

In true Katie-style, she next went on to claim that she wasn’t Islamophobic, before completely contradicting it with her next sentence:

Which is like me basically saying: “I’ve got nothing against Katie Hopkins. I just despise her with every fibre of my being.”

She clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of Islamophobia, which is defined as a ‘dislike or prejudice against Islam or Muslims’, which her comments definitely were.

People like her sum up everything that’s wrong with the world right now. Her vile hatred for Islam and Muslims only plays into the so-called Islamic State’s hands.

Although we can say one thing – she might have inadvertently put off future attackers with this horrible mental image:

We have no time for this hate and this ignorance.

Now, more than ever, is a time for unity and for us all to stand stronger together in the face of this abhorrent terror.