Katie Hopkins Reveals Truth Behind Ketamine Photo In South Africa


Katie Hopkins has revealed the truth behind the reason she collapsed after taking ketamine in South Africa.

The controversial columnist shared a photo of her receiving an injection while bent over on the pavement.

In the picture, Hopkins is seen surrounded by paramedics and medical equipment as they attend to the ex-radio host.

Hopkins posted the image to Twitter, with the caption:

Grateful thanks to the South African emergency services for putting me back together. Leaving it all on the road, to tell the truths not being told. *ketamine 1/Hopkins 0)

This was then seen by thousands of people, who were questioning her use of the drug ketamine.

She has now responded to media angrily claiming they weren’t interested in her documentary but as soon as she collapsed, they start sending in requests to find out what’s happened.

Hopkins also called out the journalists by posting screen grabs of emails she’d received.

In her latest – and now pinned – tweet, she said:

Dear British Press. Ten days of reports on the murder of white farmers and NOT ONE WORD from you. I receive medical ketamine for a serious dislocation & you salivate like dogs over meat. SHAME ON YOU #plaasmoorde

The mother of three, who suffers from epilepsy, is in South Africa, to document ‘the violent, ethnic cleansing of white farmers by armed, black gangs. It’s infuriating, it’s heartbreaking.’

On her blog, she wrote:

And the world doesn’t care. Or at least the mainstream media doesn’t care. Do you? Every day I’ve been down her, I’ve produced a short video clip of what I’ve seen. Brave men and women who are still fighting for their land, for their families and their future.

And so many who have been killed or wounded.

This isn’t the first time Katie Hopkins has experienced a serious medical incident in public, about six months ago she was rushed to hospital after dislocating her shoulder at Paddington station.

The 42-year-old received the painful injury after she carried a suitcase across the platform.

She had been on her way to Heathrow airport to fly to the Politicon conference in Pasadena where she had been booked as a guest speaker.

Paramedics at the scene gave the controversial pundit emergency gas and air before rushing her straight to St Mary’s Hospital for further treatment.


Speaking at the time with the Sunday Mirror, Katie’s husband Mark Cross made the following statement:

This is a legacy from her years with epilepsy.

The staff at St Mary’s were brilliant and managed to get her patched up in a couple of hours.

In 2016, Katie underwent surgery where a portion of her brain was removed, relieving the severity of her epilepsy.

Her surgery was a success and Katie later tweeted:

I am out and about. Flying solo. I am no longer epileptic. Come on then life. Let’s do this thing.