Katie Hopkins ‘Sick’ Keith Chegwin Joke Has Angered Everyone


Controversial-on-purpose Katie Hopkins has angered people across the nation with her Keith Chegwin and Peaches Geldof ‘joke’.

I mean this should really come as no surprise, but she’s gone and made the sad death of beloved TV legend ‘Cheggers’ about herself.

As thousands of fans and colleagues of Chegwin, who died yesterday aged 60, took to Twitter to express their sadness and pay tribute, Hopkins was up to her usual tricks of being a generally bad person.

She tweeted two images, one of Cheggers and one of Peaches Geldof, who died in April 2014 aged just 25, with the caption:

I’m not saying there’s a pattern here. But I was the last one to film with both of them. Be warned.

Cue – understandable barrage of anger:

Jay Ozcan wrote: ‘Oh God, you have become the lowest of the low!!! You make me sick, making these deaths about yourself just shows how low you would go for attention. Sad, just sad!’

And Mel Garraghan-Moore added: ‘Just when you think Katie Hopkins cannot get any more crass, she goes and does it again. Way too soon for jokes.’

Here’s a look at the response:

Hopkins’ also caused uproar when she tweeted during the inquest into Peaches’ death from a drug overdose.

Peaches and Katie famously appeared opposite each other on ITV’s This Morning to discuss their different parenting techniques – which turned into a heated debate, which Peaches clearly won.

Katie being her vile self refused to let it be, tweeting about Peaches’ death referring to the way she was found with her young son Phaedra playing in the same room as his mum’s lifeless body.

In a now deleted tweet she wrote:

Peaches’ fatal syringe was in a box by the bed – along with some sweets. She was taking care of her baby son after all.


Katie knew Cheggers from her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2015.

The pair clashed over fellow contestant Cami Li’s eviction. Katie also accused Keith of lecturing the housemates about ‘morality’ and he claimed she was just causing trouble in the house in a bid to promote herself – he was probably right.

Channel 5

A much-loved Cheggers recently made hilarious appearances in Ricky Gervais’ Extras and Life’s Too Short along with Shaun Williamson and Les Dennis after a career in television and radio that spanned over 40 years.

In 2012, Keith was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Reality TV Awards.

Big names in showbiz have been sharing their thoughts on social media, paying actual respects to Cheggers, unlike Katie Hopkins.

Bobby Davro tweeted:

I have known Keith Chegwin for many years He was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in this biz I had been told he was very poorly but unable to contact him for a while What a dreadful shame to lose such a lovely friend Love to his family RIP Cheggers! I’ll miss that smile.

Radio personality Tony Blackburn added:

I’m absolutely devastated to hear that my friend Keith Chegwin has died.He was one of the nicest people I have ever known and over the years we did shows together and became great friends. Keith RIP.

Rest in peace, Cheggers… Oh and shut up, Katie Hopkins.