Katie Hopkins Tweets About Disabled Boy, Sparks Outrage



Recently, we covered the inspirational story of a young lad who had just celebrated his first birthday – after doctors told his parents he never would.

Jaxon Emmett Buell, whose nickname is Jaxon Strong, was born with an extreme birth defect called Microhydranencephaly, where the brain and skull don’t form properly. Since coming to light, his story has gone viral twice, but his birthday milestone caught the attention of the world last week.

However, on Monday, professional troll and all-around bad shit Katie Hopkins weighed in on the situation, and did so with a controversial twist. Obviously.

In the tweet, she claims that children like Jaxon should never even be born, by stating: “If your baby has half a head, you don’t have it.”

People didn’t take kindly to this, and one of those people was Perez Hilton, who recently shared the ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother house with her.

Other people were just disgusted.


Jaxon’s proud parents, Brandon and Brittany, were given the option to terminate his pregnancy at around six months in. But they couldn’t go through with it.

Amazingly, he survived the pregnancy, and against the odds “was thriving” upon release from hospital.

Today, his story has caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, and his Facebook page is packed with inspirational messages from caring souls around the world. There is even a GoFundMe page that has attracted almost $100,000 in donations, which will go towards future medical costs.


Awesome stuff. I think you can say that’s a collective “f*ck you” to Katie Hopkins.