Katie Price Launches Campaign To Tackle Trolls Following Targeting Of Disabled Son

by : UNILAD on : 23 Mar 2016 19:35
Loose Women/ITV

Katie Price is embarking on a mission to tackle online trolls following the repeated targeting of her disabled son for abuse.


Last week Price started to name and shame people on social media that posted vile abuse aimed at her eldest son Harvey.

The 13-year-old suffers with blindness, autism, ADHD, as well as the rare Prader-Willi syndrome, and Price is standing up for him as he can’t defend himself, reports The Independent.

Trolls were presented with the opportunity to appear on ITV’s Loose Women in order to apologise and explain the reason for their actions, but none were brave enough to venture out from behind their computers.


Janet-Street Porter explained that some did at least acknowledge they had done wrong, but unbelievably several denied the allegations and that the content could be considered offensive.

It has prompted former glamour model Price to promise further action.

Price said:

I now want to do a massive campaign. I know I’m not going to change everything, I’m not Wonder Woman, but I want to do a big campaign about trolls.

I don’t want it to become [a situation] where we’re now going to bully trolls, even though they do, that’s not my thing…When I’m back, I am on a mission.


Price also said that social media needs a vetting system which will enable trolls to be traced with greater ease.

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    Katie Price to campaign against online trolls after repeated abuse targeting her disabled son Harvey