Katie Price Mocks Son Harvey During Drunken Karaoke In Magaluf

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If there’s one thing you probably shouldn’t do while drunk in front of a crowd, it’s make fun of your child – but apparently Katie Price didn’t get the memo.


Described as ‘hammered’ by eye-witnesses, Price was booed by the audience at McTavishes bar in Magaluf after she made some controversial comments about her 14-year-old, who suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, autism, ADHD, and blindness.

The video, uploaded by the Mirror, shows Price waiting for her song to kick in, before telling the crowd: “I’m not fucking blind like my son.”

After getting booed, Price – who has long taken pride in shaming people who tease her son via Twitter – insisted she wasn’t insulting her son, and said: “It’s the truth. If Harvey was here he’d say ‘yeahhh'”.


She can then be seen stumbling around, telling the audience not to let her have any more alcohol before attempting (and failing) at singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’.

I can’t speak for Harvey, but being made fun of by your mum in front of a crowd isn’t usually something to laugh about.

And that wasn’t the only drama to unfold during the evening. Price also managed to upset a good chunk of the bar’s crowd – where children were present.

After attempting Disney’s ‘A Whole New World’ – the infamously terrible song she released in 2006 with then-husband Peter Andre – she received a pretty humiliating reaction.

But rather than make a gracious exit and call it a night, she decided to verbally attack the crowd saying: “This guy thinks I’m a cunt for saying goodbye to you all. But tell the truth, would you not be offended if I didn’t say goodbye?”

According to The Sun, she apparently went on to say: “Fuck you motherfucker. Goodnight, I love you all. Fuck you more like it, you cunt.”

Niall & Katie Price aka Jordan.

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An eyewitness told the newspaper:

She was absolutely hammered. It wasn’t even that late.

Her behaviour was disgraceful.

The bar was full of families, including young children.

Everyone was absolutely disgusted.

Her boyfriend sang a Peter Andre song, then she started commenting on the size of his cock, saying how it was much bigger than Peter’s.

Price’s comments are already receiving some major criticism:

And there will surely be more where that came from.

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    Katie Price 'mocks' disabled son Harvey during drunken karaoke in Magaluf