Students Sell Out Katie Hopkins Debate, Leave When She Comes On


Finally, has someone come up with the perfect way for dealing with professional shit-monger Katie Hopkins?

Students at Brunel University have certainly won our respect after they filled a theatre for a debate featuring the opinionated columnist and then turned their backs and walked out as soon as she opened her offensive trap.

Joe Nicell, Brunel SU’s communications manager, reported that about 50 people walked out and the protest had been planned for some time, telling The Independent:  “It was mainly that we didn’t feel she fitted the debate and she wasn’t the right person to be speaking.”

Hopkins, in-line with her desperate need for attention, has really ramped up her provocative statements in recent months, dehumanising refugees by comparing them to cockroaches, hitting out at full-time mothers and in a bizarre statement linking Ramadan to increased violence she said, “I get grumpy when I don’t eat – but I don’t blow things up.” Nice one.

Hopkins joined a panel at Brunel for the debate, ’Does the Welfare State have a place in 2015?’ as part of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Ali Milani, President of Brunel’s student union said:

The conversation at no point has been about banning Ms Hopkins from speaking on campus, or denying her right to speak. It is instead about saying it is distasteful for our University to provide a platform to someone who adds nothing to the intellectual or academic discourse; and an individual who publicly utters such overtly bigoted views.

Couldn’t agree more, maybe we should stick her on a boat and set her adrift with no food or water – like she suggested doing to the Syrian refugees. Just a thought.