Keanu Reeves And Jimmy Kimmel Produce Hilarious Speed Parody Sequel

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

It has only taken 21 years, but finally the world has a sequel to the original Speed that stars Keanu Reeves.

A guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, Reeves explained to the host why he turned down the opportunity to be in Speed 2.

Keanu explained that the premise of Speed on a cruise ship just didn’t work for the Matrix star. It seemed counter intuitive after the thrill ride of the original film to place the sequel on a slower mode of transport.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

With that in mind, Kimmel and Keanu then revealed a hilarious alternative to the second installment of the Speed franchise.

The big twist in this one is that the rules of the road are adhered to. Strictly adhered to.

So sit back and enjoy A Reasonable Speed.

Sorry Sandra Bullock, this still beats Speed 2.