Keith Allen Says Geordie Comedians Aren’t Funny

by : UNILAD on : 10 Aug 2017 12:54
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Keith Allen, a man most of us don’t remember for much more than the Vindaloo song and an appearance in Trainspotting, has told the world he thinks Geordie comedians aren’t funny.


He also slammed Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the same reason, ‘thanking god’ he wasn’t attending the legendary comedy fest.

Allen said this as part of the promotion for his upcoming search for comedic talent for his new comedy show.

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If – understandably – you don’t know who Allen is, he is the father of both Lily and Aflie, the latter of which is known for playing Theon in Game of Thrones.


Some of you might even remember him as The Sheriff of Nottingham in BBC One’s Robin Hood show a few years ago.

Allen said:

I have a problem with Geordie comics. I don’t really know why because I really like Newcastle.

I feel awful we’re not going to Birmingham. Some of the funniest people in the world come from Birmingham.

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The new show will air on Russia Today later in the year, and is based on The Establishment Club – a legendary nightclub that specialised in satire and jazz.

The actor also made more divisive comments when he said that audiences are mostly thick, which causes entertainers these days to be lazy.

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Allen and his fellow judges will be touring the UK to find the next comedy sensation, and will be going to Manchester, Brighton, Birmingham, and weirdly enough, Edinburgh.


For those who can’t make it to those cities, they are encouraged to put their auditions on tape and submit them on the website.

Good luck if you’re Geordie.

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