Keith Lemon Finally Reveals Reason For Bandage On Right Hand

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I think we’ve all wondered at one point or another why Keith Lemon always wears a bandage on his right hand.

The Celebrity Juice comedian has had his hand taped up since any of us can remember, and while he’s teased the reason, he’s never actually said it.

One of his first reasons was that he was attacked by a kangaroo for trying to touch his ‘tallywacker’. But the story he more often sticks to is that he has a pretty racy tattoo that needs to be concealed from the cameras.

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He said:

I often wear a bandage on my wrist as I have a rather unorthodox tattoo right there and while I would argue it is a lively form of artistic expression, unfortunately most television producers tend to disagree.

Over the years my bandage has become part of who I am and I always carry a spare in my pocket.

Girls are forever coming up and asking me how I’ve hurt myself.

As it turns out though, that’s not true. Eagle-eyed Lemon fans realised that when he appeared at the BAFTAs, he wasn’t wearing a bandage. And there was no tattoo.

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And now, in an interview on Radio X with Chris Moyles, he finally revealed why he does it. Unfortunately, it’s for one of the more boring reasons you could think of.

He said: “Obviously there’s nowt wrong with my hand whatsoever, but it’s artistic expression, like when Nelly wears a plaster on his cheek.”

So there you have it. That’s why Keith Lemon wears a bandage on his right hand. No rude tattoos or kangaroo fights to be seen here. Kind of an anti-climax.