Kellogg’s Create Cereal With Edible Jewels To Celebrate The Queens Record Reign

1Cavendish Press

Kellogg’s Queen Flakes are now a real thing.

As Queen Elizabeth II passes Queen Victoria’s record reign of 63 years, Kellogg’s have the breakfast celebrations covered.

Brian Houey who wrote ‘At Home With The Queen’ recently told People magazine that the royals start their day with a bowl of Corn Flakes, so Kellogg’s decided to give their cereal the royal treatment.

The Queen Flakes contain macadamia nuts, which are a favourite of the Queen, as well as edible jewels and pearls. Because no breakfast is complete without eating jewels.

Unfortunately, you can only get the royal breakfast at Manchester’s Black Milk Cereal Dive, and it’ll cost you £6.30.