Kenan And Kel Have Returned To Serve Good Burgers On The Jimmy Fallon Show



News of a comeback for Kenan and Kel has been gathering pace since Nickelodeon announced plans to devote an entire channel dedicated to 1990s classics.

Now, not only have fans been treated to seeing the duo on primetime again, they’ve also seen them reunited in the present day.

Before anyone goes and cancels all their weekend plans to watch their new set of episodes, the reunion was for one night only, on the Jimmy Fallon show.


Eight years on from their Good Burger film hitting the big screen, the duo were back for one episode of The Tonight Show, and they did not disappoint.

It might have only lasted for seven minutes, but it featured the two fast food servers, Jimmy Fallon himself, Ed Mitchell, a ‘spicy chicken rap’ and one customer being covered in mustard.

Oh, and they even perform ‘We’re All Dudes’ as well.