Kensington Local Says They’ll Move If Grenfell Victims Are Re-homed In Luxury Block


A Kensington resident who lives in a luxury apartment block has said she will move out if Grenfell Tower victims are rehoused in her home.

Speaking on LBC, the woman known only as Donna explained that she had to pay a £15,500 service bill and said she couldn’t live with herself if victims were allowed to live in the flat for free.

So far 79 people have been confirmed dead after the horrific Grenfell Tower blaze last week, while 250 are thought to have lost their homes in the fire.

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In the interview, Donna explained to Shelagh Fogarty:

My service charge bill, and this is a low one this year, is £15,500. And I would feel really resentful if someone got the same thing for free.

I feel sorry for those people, but my husband and I work very hard to be able to afford this. And for someone to get it free, I would move.

As you can probably imagine, Shelagh wasn’t happy in the slightest, asking Donna if she would move out.

However she quite quickly replied saying:

Yes I would. Because our council tax bill is very, very high, our service charge bill is very, very high – so why should someone get it for free?


In the aftermath of the fire 68 luxury apartments are being made available for families displaced by the blaze.

For most it seemed like a very possitive decision but clearly Donna and those like her have more negative things in mind.