Kentucky Official Jailed After Refusal To Issue Marriage Licences To Gay Couples

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One US judge has ordered that a Kentucky clerk should be jailed after repeatedly ignoring court orders regarding gay marriage.

Kim Davis has refused to issue marriage licences for gay couples since the landmark ruling on gay marriage in the USA – and now has been told by a federal judge that she will remain in jail until she complies with orders.

Davis was told by the US Supreme Court that her religious beliefs are not reason enough to refuse to comply with the law.


The elected official from Rowan County claims she is obeying ‘God’s law’ and was told by the judge that he had no choice but to jail her.

The ruling was met with mixed emotions throughout the country, with various Republican officials coming out in support of Davis, with Mike Huckabee, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio all expressing support for her.

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton made her thoughts clear – and it’s hard to disagree with her.