Kerry Katona Reveals Dramatic Transformation On Live TV


Resident Loose Women panellist Kerry Katona returned to the show today to reveal her dramatic weight loss to its studio live audience and viewers at home.

The former Atomic Kitten singer revealed to the celebrity panel that she lost at least two stone and had changed ‘her entire lifestyle’.

The mum-of-five flaunted her new body which she lost over Christmas, showing off her impressive washboard abs.

At the age of 37 she explained that her new look has made her feel ‘sexy and empowered’ as she tries to dedicate her time to self-improvement and her children.

She also announced that she’s been eight months clean from her medication for bipolar disorder, while also confessing she would ‘rather become a lesbian’ than go back to dating men, despite still holding out for true love.

After strutting her stuff to the live audience and her co-panellists she put on a robe to sit down at the table and discuss the journey she’s been on.


She told Loose Women:

I think being single is definitely the way forward. I’m definitely in a relationship with myself and learning to love me. I’ve always ended up in a really bad relationship.

Don’t get me wrong I’m an old romantic and still believe in love and marriage, but for now I need to concentrate on me, my needs and my children. I feel sexy and empowered.


When pressed about her comments about whether she’d actually date women, she said:

100 per cent definitely a woman, I would definitely become a lesbian rather than [date] a man. 100 per cent.

When asked ‘why’ all she could offer was a cryptic response, saying:

Men… do I need…? No, I’m not a lesbian


She hasn’t totally ruled out all men, while getting back on the dating scene isn’t a priority for her she did joke that any millionaires watching and are willing to take a chance at love should get in contact with her.

Katona has credited her amazing transformation to her new regime which encourages a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

She explained:

I’ve been off medication now for about eight months. A lot of mental health illness, it’s knowing what your triggers are and what tools to use when you do get triggered.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my down days, I still get a bit down like we all do. Because I’m going through a divorce as well, I’d rather face these obstacles head on rather than masking them with pills. The best pill is exercise.


She was also asked whether she was keen to have any more kids, to which she replied:

Are you having a laugh? Have you seen me? I don’t want to ruin this body, definitely no more children.

Despite going through another bitter divorce Katona has stated that she has now ‘forgiven’ all of her exes.