Kerry Katona Says She ‘Only Has Kids For Magazine Deals’

by : UNILAD on : 17 May 2016 17:59

Kerry Katona has apparently left holidaymakers stunned following an appearance at a nightclub in Gran Canaria.


The Sun labelled the former Atomic Kitten as ‘tragic’ following the appearance.

In her ‘rambling rant,’ Katona bemoaned going through another divorce, suggested she may try ‘turning lesbian’, and said whenever she has a baby it lands her a deal with OK! magazine.

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Katona said on stage:

Is everybody p****d, I’m p****d. I just p****d myself.

So you’re all on holiday, you’re all in love, everyone’s great and married and I’m getting another divorce…As long as you surround yourself with good people – and my kids are my everything, and I don’t even like kids.

It doesn’t matter who their Dads are you all fuck up once in a while, believe me I know…I’ve made lots of mistakes but now I’m back up here, and I plan to stay here.

And that’s because of you lot. For really believing in me, you really have, you stood behind me through my highs and lows – and some more lows, and then a marriage and then an OK! deal.

And then pop another kid out, and then another OK! deal.

Katona once scooped the title of ‘Celebrity Mum Of The Year’ in 2005 – but it’s pretty safe to say this outburst will probably take her out of the running this year.

In all fairness to her, reports of her ranting in a nightclub are probably going too far.

She was clearly trying to be funny while compèring and singing at a holiday cabaret event. She failed miserably, sure, but I don’t think anyone should be on the phone to social services just yet.

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The Sun
  1. The Sun

    Kerry Katona sparks concern after claiming she is 'turning lesbian' and only has kids for mag deals in shambolic Gran Canaria performance