Kevin Bacon’s Hostile Takeover Of All Adverts Continues With Bizarre Egg Video


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Why, delivered by Kevin Bacon, obviously.

Now, thankfully, the Footloose star’s bid for world commercial domination has allowed for precisely that scenario.

Along with brother Michael, Bacon interrupts the mornings of several citizens as part of the American Egg Board’s latest advert.

Good question…

According to Mashable, Bacon said:

You grow up with a name like bacon and you get a lifetime of bacon and eggs jokes but you never would imagine that it would actually pay off.

My way of approaching spots is to not take myself too seriously. If I was to get on the air and make a very, very serious appeal for a product I think I would look kind of like an idiot. I don’t think it would fit really well with who I am.

Meanwhile, creative director of the ad agency responsible, Grey, admitted the concept of using the Bacon brothers was initially just a joke.

Susan LaScala Wood said:

The idea of using the Bacon Brothers was actually something we tossed around half-jokingly last year as where we could go next. Then when year two came, we got a whole lot more serious about it.The idea started as more of a music video, then evolved into a narrative spot that centered around the song.

The latest advert is actually a follow up to an ad Bacon featured in last year, although he seems more comfortable with breakfast based puns this time around.

Check it out:

We’re pretty sure that, by next year, every advert on the box will feature Kevin Bacon.