Kevin Spacey’s Brother Makes Shocking Revelation About Their Childhood

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Kevin Spacey’s brother has said he is ‘not surprised’ about the allegations of sexual assault levelled against him, calling their father a ‘Nazi child rapist’.


Spacey’s brother Randall Fowler, 62, said their father – Thomas Geoffrey Fowler – was a white supremacist who abused Spacey for years.

Fowler’s agent, Bonnie Soto, told The Sun:

Obviously this is not new news, but as far as this particular guy, Randy doesn’t know anything because Kevin cut himself off when he became Mr Rich Millionaire…

We’re not too surprised. And we know that Kevin has been in the closet for a long time.

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This comes after Spacey was accused of sexual assault against then child-actor Anthony Rapp during the 1980s.

Kevin Spacey has said he had no recollection of the events, but apologised and came out as gay in his public apology.

Randall, Spacey’s brother, who is writing a book about child sex abuse with his agent, said he found the allegations made against his brother ‘disturbing’.

He said he’d previously spoken about their upbringing with the damaged parents, claiming his father abused them as his mother turned a blind eye.

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Soto added:

The book he has written is about the child abuse that he went through from the time he was born in this family – it’s an autobiography where he pours out his soul.

In this family there are four major types of abuse physical, sexual, verbal and negligence and this is the experience he has gone through.

It’s an important book as he’s the eldest brother who did a lot to try and protect his youngest brother Kevin from a lot of the things – when you’re the oldest sibling you try to do that.


Randall, a Rod Stewart impersonator and limo driver in Idaho, allegedly grew up with his brother dominated by their ultra right-wing, sadist father.

Randall told the Daily Mail in 2004 he has avoided having children of his own in case they inherited ‘the sexual predator gene’.

At the time of the interview, he called his brother an ’empty vessel’ who had no real relationship with anyone other than his mother.

Their father, Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, joined the American Nazi Party when Spacey and Randall were young – even fashioning his moustache to resemble Adolf Hitler.


He allegedly regularly whipped and raped his eldest son, Randall. Spacey’s sister Julie ran away from home when she was 18-years-old.

Fowler recalled:

There was so much darkness in our home it was beyond belief. It was absolutely miserable.

Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart.

He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings.


In a disturbing account of the abuse at the hands of his father, Randall said the first time he was raped by his father his mother ‘abandoned’ him by ignoring what was going on.

The family would also be forced to sit through rants as Fowler Sr spoke about white supremacy.


The brothers apparently became very close to each other as they had no one else to turn to – and Fowler even said the only thing stopping him from ending his own life was the knowledge nobody would be around to protect his younger brother.

However, after Fowler Sr’s death, Kevin rang Randall to tell him of his father’s passing and his mother told Randall not to come to the funeral.

From that point onwards, Spacey’s relationship with his brother suffered and his relationship with his mother intensified.

She died in 2003, and was buried under a false name with a gold plaque bearing the saying, ‘Everything will be fine.’


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