KFC Are Launching A Comic Book And Colonel Sanders Is The Star Of The Show

sanders webKFC

McDonalds might be bringing back The Burglar in a super creepy mascot gone wrong situation, but KFC have their own plans when it comes to the face of their chain.

Fans of Colonel Sanders are in for a treat with KFC’s latest offering, with the guy who apparently made chicken finger lickin good set to feature in his own comic books.


You do have to go to San Diego’s Comic-Con to actually get a copy of ‘KFC Presents: The Colonel’s Adventure’, or you know, you can just wait for them to hit eBay and Amazon, because we all know they will at some point.

The comic will give you the chance to learn all about the face of KFC and his origins, and the fast food chain have wasted no time in making sure the Twitter community know all about it, with a bit of self promotion and some teasers thrown in there for good measure.

Move over Ronald McDonald.