KFC Just Introduced The Pizza Chicken Wing, That Is All

by : UNILAD on : 08 Jul 2015 14:23
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The Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken has hit KFC stores in Hong Kong and it looks absolutely amazing.


Because you probably won’t be able to taste the mouth watering creation, given it hasn’t hit the UK and there seem to be no plans for it to do so (booooo), here is how KFC describe it. It comes in the KFC bucket, and looks like a chicken wing, even tasting like one, but with one vital difference.

The outside is covered in a margarita pizza flavoured covering. YES.


Now, while it might not be available in the UK, you can get it as part of various meal deals in Hong Kong.

It comes after the fast food chain introduced an edible coffee cup in the USA, leaving us in the UK wondering exactly when we’re going to get an off the scale creation of our own.

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You can get the chicken, along with mashed potato, gravy, mushroom rice and egg tarts, for a few pounds as well, which just makes it even better.

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    Finger licking good? Fast food joint KFC creates chicken wings with a margherita pizza coating for the ultimate gluttonous snack