Kid Completely Destroys Donald Trump Using Netflix And Chill

Alex Mays | UNILAD

At this very minute it seems like nothing can stop Donald Trump.

Despite a number of high-profile gaffs, mocking women, disabled people, Mexicans, Muslims among others, he still shows no sign of losing the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

But one third-grader in the U.S. made a very compelling case as to why grown-ups shouldn’t vote for Donald Trump for president in an open letter to American voters.

Bayan Sabouri, an, ESL assistant teacher in Columbus, Ohio, shared the letter on Facebook with the caption ‘third graders should run this country’, and you can see why. I have a dream is always a good start…

Here’s the letter in all its glory…

Alex Mays | UNILAD

You can’t argue with this kid’s reasoning against Trump’s immigration policy. A world without Netflix and chill? What a terrifying thought…