Kid Gets Stuck In Handrail, People Pose For Selfies Instead Of Helping


We know that everyone’s getting a bit tired of bashing 2016 as a shit year but let’s be honest as far as years go it’s been something of a stinker.

One of the most irritating things about the year has been the onslaught of shitty ‘viral crazes’, from the one finger challenge to pretending to be a mannequin, we’ve scraped the bottom of the viral craze barrel so hard that we’re in danger of hitting the Earth’s core.

But the year’s not done yet unfortunately, so it should come as no surprise that there’s yet another awful trend supposedly sweeping the web called the ‘handrail challenge’.

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Basically it involves challengers posting photos of themselves poking their heads through a gap in a fence, hand rail or whatever in the hopes of scraping a few likes from their four followers on their dull Instagram accounts.

Unfortunately for some people however the challenge can go a little bit wrong, Distractify reports. Namely you can get stuck, like this poor sod did.

And while it’d be easy to point and laugh, let’s be honest it looks like he’s in a fair bit of pain so surely some good Samaritan would stop and help him?

No of course they didn’t because why the fuck would you help someone when you could get one or two likes on a Facebook post or maybe even get a retweet, wouldn’t that be exciting!

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Jesus, what a year and to paraphrase the immortal Father Jack Hackett : “Is it still fecking 2016!”