Kid In Katt Williams Fight Reveals Bizarre Reason It Kicked Off


Katt Williams out here losing!

Posted by Carnell Silas on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Comedian Katt Williams hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again this week. 

He was caught on camera sucker punching 17-year-old Luke Wash in the face before being wrestled to the ground by the teenager.

The scuffle has brought yet another criminal investigation the comedian’s way as this latest incident comes just a week after legal action was taken by a woman who claims he attacked her in his home, reports Complex.

Now Wash has given his side of the story and the whole thing sounds pretty strange.


According to the Daily Mail, Wash says they were playing football when things got out of hand.

We were playing a game of soccer and I just thought it was a soccer game, but stuff happens in sports.

He took me over to a secluded area and asked me to hit him and I was like, ‘I’m not just going to hit you. You want to square up?’

And then he sucker-punched me, so I did what I did.

williams2Facebook/Carnell Silas

Wash – who’s face was still visibly swollen from the punch – revealed that he’d wrestled for two years and that he tried to shake Katt’s hand afterwards, but was refused.

However, sources close to Williams say the comedian struck out because the teen was acting threateningly towards him.

Police are now reportedly reviewing Williams’ case to see if he is in violation of bail arrangements. If he is, his bail could be revoked.

Another, longer video of the incident has now surfaced on Facebook and it seems to back up Wash’s version of events.

The full Katt Williams fight video unedited… Looks like Katt was playing soccer in the hood with the kids and actually…

Posted by Brad Harrison on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The clip shows the 42-year-old playing football with a group of kids.

At one point the man behind the camera says: I’m surprised [Katt] ain’t fighting nobody.” Someone responds: “Boy, who is he going to fight out here?”

About two minutes in Williams and Wash are seen talking before Katt walks away with the teen following behind him. The fight kicks off about a minute later.

The whole thing sounds incredibly odd…