Kid Shoots Himself In The Head On Camera And Somehow Survives


Live Leak

I will never understand the people who ‘play’ with guns, but unfortunately it happens a lot and often ends with tragedy.

This guy was playing with a pistol and pointing it at his head before pulling the trigger.

The footage shows the disturbing moment when a bullet goes through the guy’s head, but somehow he miraculously survives.

We warn you again, this video is graphic…

Unbelievably the kid came away from the accident relatively unscathed.

He’s very lucky and I hope he’s learned his lesson.


Accidental gun death involving children is a huge problem in America, at least 265 American children found a gun and shot themselves or someone else in 2015 alone.

I suppose if you legalise guns everywhere, they’re going to be lying around for children to pick up, and their use normalised.