Kid Trolls Teacher With A Marvel Assignment And It’s Hilarious

Kid trolls teacher with Marvel assignmentWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I always imagine one of the best parts of being a teacher isn’t necessarily finding the most dedicated, diligent pupil who is already planning their UCAS choices at the age of 10.

I bet it’s actually much more rewarding to find that one hilarious kid who is genuinely funnier than any of the cynical, disillusioned grown-up people you know.

Especially when their Marvel movie references are already so precociously on point…

Kid trolls teacher with Marvel assignmentWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Cool teacher Jeffrey Scott Davis M. Ed. from Wichita Falls, Texas, set his pupils the task of choosing a Marvel character to embody within both a resume and cover letter.

(As an aside: what an awesome assignment idea. Practical life skills mixed with an imaginative dose of creative writing? Love it!)

After the assignments were completed and marked accordingly, the Principles of Engineering teacher shared one of his pupils responses online. And it is perfection.

Jeffrey, sorry I mean Mr Davis, tweeted:

My students had to pick a Marvel character to embody within a resume and cover letter.

The idea that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take lives within one particular student of mine.

The bold hearted student in question had decided to embody the character of Groot, who as we all know doesn’t have the most expansive communication skills.

The student really went full method acting when channelling Groot in their CV, answering every section with a simple yet effective ‘I am Groot.’

Address? I am Groot. Experience or Skills? I am Groot. List your personal interests? I am Groot?

Kid trolls teacher with Marvel assignment@ROBODAVISWFISD/Twitter

The cover letter continued in much the same vein, with the proud words of ‘I am Groot’ repeated over and over until they filled an entire page.

Now, if this pupil is looking for a job aboard the Milano then this is a foolproof application. However, this is possibly less ideal for applying for their first paper round route.

Kid trolls teacher with Marvel assignment@ROBODAVISWFISD/Twitter

Mr Davis’ followers loved this witty young Marvel fan’s response.

One person jested, ‘A well-rounded candidate, but I hear he’s a bit wooden in interviews’ while another joked ‘But the growth potential? Unlimited.’

Another chuckled:

It leaves much to be desired to be honest, he should definitely branch out more.

Many followers were anxious to find out the real life superhero’s grade, demanding they be given full marks.

One person demanded:

Whoever it is better have got the highest grade in the class.

Another begged:

Please tell me you gave him a decent mark.

Luckily, their minds can be put at ease. Speaking with Buzzfeed, Mr Davis revealed:

The student received a 95 and 100 for two separate assignments.

After all, say what you will but you can’t say this kid didn’t follow directions and stick to task.

As we have all learnt from our time spent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is possible to be a whimsical little tree person with only three words in your vocabulary and still have an exciting life full of friends and adventure.

All in all, an excellent choice.

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