Kids Lose Their Shit After Young Lad Beats Rubik’s Cube World Record


A 14-year-old boy has set an unbelievable new world record after he solved a Rubik’s cube in under five seconds to smash the previous time.

Video footage shows Lucas Etter beating the previous best time by 0.35 seconds with his rapid-fire time of 4.904 seconds while taking part in the River Hill Fall competition in Clarksville, Maryland.


The previous fastest time was held by teenager Collin Burns, who recorded a time of 5.25 seconds seven months ago. World Cube Association confirmed the remarkable feat and a short video showed the impressive youngster solving the cube after first working out his strategy. After he slams down the record cube he gets mobbed by a group of friends.

Despite Lucas beating the time, the official world record is currently in the process of being verified, reported Time magazine. However, commiserations go to Keaton Ellis, who also beat Collin’s record with a time of just 5.09 seconds, but his time will not be recorded due to the fact that he was ‘outcubed’ by Lucas.


The world Rubik’s cube championship has taken place every two years since 2003 when the first world record was set by 16-year-old Minh Thai in 1982, who solved a cube in a time of 22.95 seconds.

So these guys are absolutely smashing it, I can’t even get one out of its box in 5 seconds.